12th Night

Greetings Everyone!

It’s that time of year, 12th night will be here before you know it!

Location: United Church of Christ,
111 N. Center St,
Marine, IL 62061

The site opens at 10am and we would like to have everything done by 9pm so we can be off site by 10pm.

There will be list fields for heavy, fencing & C&T with fighting planned to start as soon as the marshals arrive

There will be no champions picked at this event.

Court will be at 4pm with feast to follow.

Feast will be pot luck style and this is not a dry site.

Once feast is finished we will do the traditional gift exchange.

If you plan on bringing a dish to share, please be sure to bring the ingredient list

Once a year at our annual 12th night potluck, the Barony participates in a rather strange custom – the annual gift
exchange. Not that a gift exchange is strange – just the way we do ours. The idea started simply enough. Since
we never knew who would be at the potluck – lets just everyone bring an SCA related present and randomly distribute once we are there. The how to distribute part got a bit interesting. Just numbering the gifts & then drawing
numbers was too simple. We wanted some choice in the gifts. So here is the way it works currently:
1. Everyone who wants brings a $10 – $20 gift – kind of SCA related.
a. Preferrably non-gender specific.
b. Label if it is for 21 & over.
2. Before the potluck – all gifts are wrapped & placed on a table.
a. Sign the list as you place your gift on the table.
3. At the potluck – each person who brought a gift draws a number.
4. The people who draw #1 thru #5 pick from the table.
5. Whoever draws # 6 either
a. picks from the table or
b. steals a gift.
if a: the next number picks.
if b: whoever’s gift is stolen then can either (a) pick from the table or (b) steal
(stealing can continue until there is no gift that has not been stolen during this round – the last person then
takes from the table)
6. Repeat #5 till everyone has selected a gift.
Extra rules:
1. Only one gift per person.
2. Gifts stay wrapped until the end of the gift exchange.
3. 20 seconds to chose your pick – or the timekeeper will choose for you.
4. All disputes settled by the Baron or Baroness
As you can tell, this is a drawn out affair. It usually ends up being the entire after dinner entertainment. It can be
almost as fun to watch as to participate. We also do a smaller exchange for the younger crowd with a $5 – $10
dollar gift. Come join in or just watch. See you at 12th night


The event is finished.

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