If you are interested in applying for a vacant office, please contact the Seneschal. If you are interested in becoming a deputy officer, please contact the relevant officer.

Baron and Baroness – Their Excellencies, Baron Avery Austringer and Baroness Berengaria Mordant


The Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the King and Queen in the Barony of Shattered Crystal (the greater Southern Illinois area, including metro-east St Louis).  They are the ruling nobility of the Barony and can hold Court and give Baronial Awards. They serve at the pleasure of the Crown. Along with the Seneschal, they oversees the running of the Barony.

Seneschal  – Lady Celestria De Surmulot (Randy Williams)

The Baronial Seneschal acts as the chapter president, directing the activities of the Barony and reporting to the Kingdom on its behalf. Email:

Deputy: Kallinikos of Rhodes (Nicholas Holsey)

Deputy: Brock Nash (Adam Letang)

Pursuivant (a.k.a. Herald)  – THL Astridr Arnardottir

The local Herald assists the populace in designing period names and personal heraldry and coordinates heraldic services for Baronial events. Email:

Deputy: Vacant

Exchequer  – Lady Cellach ni Thighearnaigh  (Jo Fuchs)

The exchequer acts as the chapter treasurer, keeping track of the Baronial finances and completing the paperwork following Baronial events. Email:

Deputy: Lady Bethòc MacDonald of Cnoc (Rebecca Moidel)

Chatelaine  – Beatrix van der Bosch  (Andrea Holsey Lopez )

As the “Chatelaine” my job is to help you get started playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I can direct you to resources for getting started in the Society such as getting your first garb together, help you get connected with individuals in your area(s) of interest, and give you insight on how the SCA works. 



Gold Key: Vacant

Demo Coordinator: Lady Celestia De Surmulot  (Randy Williams) Email:

Knight’s Marshal  – Baron Avery Austringer  (Ted Kocot)

The knight marshal’s responsibility is to oversee the combat activities of the Barony; in particular, our knight marshal coordinates the heavy armored combat activities and practices. Email:

Deputy Knight Marshal:   Brock Nash (Adam Letang)

Rapier Marshal  –  Lord Bartelmeu le Wis(Matthew Toje)

The rapier marshal coordinates the rapier combat activities for the Barony. Email:

Archery Marshal  –  Master Bubba Godgodson (Rick Buzzard)

The archery marshal coordinates the archery activities for the Barony. Email:

Equestrian Marshal  –  Mistress Alphia birs Parz (Alice Buzzard)

The equestrian marshal coordinates the equestrian activities for the Barony. Email:

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Asa the Nine-Fingered (Kristie Pate)

The Minister of Arts and Sciences plans classes and workshops and helps connect interested learners to artisans and teachers. Email:

Deputy MOAS: Vacant

Chronicler – Beatrix van der Bosch  (Andrea Holsey Lopez )

 The Chronicler assists in maintaining Baronial records and articles, such as our member database, published arts and sciences articles, and newsletters. Email:


Deputy: Lady Aldrin inn Gladis (Laura Letang)

Archivist: Cristen Fynlo (David Williams)

Minister of Youth  – Baroness Caroline de Mercier (Carol Mercer)

The Minister of Children provides activities for the children of the Barony at local meetings and at Baronial events that both entertain and educate them about the Middle Ages. Email:

Deputy: Lady Dorcas the Lost

Webminister  –  Lord Cristen Fynlo (David Williams)

The Webminister maintains the Baronial website.


Deputy: Vacant

Social Media Officer – Magistra Petrona da Manciano

The Social Media Officer maintains web properties such as discussion boards, online documents, and social networking profiles and groups.


Deputy: Vacant

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