Lord Alan of Bellwood

Lady Aldrin inn Gladis

Interests: weaving, sewing, embroidery

Alistair Cearbach

Interests: medieval hand-to-hand combat, archery, cooking, gaming, and heavy and rapier combat

Mistress Alphia Biraz-Pars

Interests: Dance (European & Middle Eastern), equestrian, archery,cooking, textile arts, fencing, instrumental & vocal music.

Anbreida Ales-Braley

Interests: Illumination, sewing, calligraphy, jewelry making, reading

Lord Antonio Tagliaferro

Lady Asa the Nine Fingered

Interests: historical knitting, embroidery, natural dyeing, gardening, herb-lore, weaving.

THL Astridr Arnardottir

Interests: Calligraphy & illumination, tablet weaving, brewing mead, service

Baron Avery Austringer

Interests: Armoured Combat, Woodworking, Pewter Casting, Armoring, Leather Working, Bardic Recitation

Lancer Azzah bint al-Badawi al-Murabbiyyah al-Rualliyyah

Interests: Equestrian, persona studies (particularly Arabic), Near/Middle Eastern garb research, illumination, tack making, bardic, archery, fencing, and heavy combat.

Lord Bartelmeu le Wis

Baroness Berengaria Mordant

Interests: Cooking feasts, baking bread, building cobb ovens, drafting and sewing garb, making jewelry, embroidery.

Lady Bethòc MacDonald of Cnoc

Interests: fencing, fiber arts, painting.

Brock Nash

Interests: heavy combat, Wood working armoring, leather working.

Master Bubba Godgodsson(Zardrick Vansson)

Interests: Archery, equestrian, will assist in training for armored combat, grilling

Lord Buckmaster Thomas

 Lady Catalina Mellini called Lina

Lord Clive the Fletcher

Mistress Caroline de Mercier

Lady Celestria De Surmulot

Interests: Armored combat, Bardic, Beading, Cooking, Dancing, Fencing, Period egg decorating

Lady Cellach ni Thighearnaigh

Lord Christian van den Vos

Lord Cristen Fynlo

Interests: Spanish rapier, Medieval medicine and Surgery.

 Master Daniel Eyesham of Tweed

Lady Dorcas the Lost(Kazia (of Baile na Scolairi))

Lady Elspeth Miriella of Wod Hill

Fatima Hatun el Haziz

Interests:cooking, baking, dancing, thrown weapons, hetbology, perfumery, drumming, coursing

Lord Fintan Mac Aldin

Lord Kallinikos of Rhodes

Baron Leopold von Haskenberg

Lady Lyonesse Meyrick

Lord Magnus gandr

Her Ladyship Malina an Eich Gil

Interests: illumination, pyrography, archery, herbology, cooking, and jewellry making

Lady Margaret MacLeod of Duntulm

Interests: fencing, fiber arts, sewing, scribal arts

Lady Margyt Withycombe

Reichsfreiherr Maximilian von Fallingbostel

Interests: German Swordsmanship, Rapier, Cut & Thrust.

Lady Melisende de Westemere

THL Mwynwen-Ysginidd (called Strawberry)

Magistra Petrona da Manciano

Interests: Archery, Equestrian, Silk Painting, Scribal Arts, Glass Working, Heraldry, Protocol and Theatre. Devoted Royalist.

Maitre Philippe de Lyon

Interests:Historical combat, dancing 16th C card games, pewter casting, minting coins, thrown weapons, C&T, 16th C courtier arts

Lady Tali Essen of the Isles

Interests: Weaving, Bardic, Scribal Arts

Thomas Braley of Derry

Interests: Leatherwork, forging, thrown weapons, archery, rapier, needlework.

Lady Winifred Rose Hammond

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