Feast of the Chase

October 6th, 7th, 8th 2023

The Baronies lands are bountiful. Our people honest and strong. We have fought at war, seen many friends both near and far. Carried our Baronies proud colors to events across the kingdom. to celebrate such a successful year, Their excellencies of Shattered Crystal invite you to their humble hunting lodge for a weekend of Arts & Sciences, fighting, feasting and gaming.


This is a camping event.

Site is wet.

No outside firewood can be brought onto site!!!!!!!!!!!

Camp Vandeventer

3463 Trout Camp Rd, Waterloo, IL 62298

Camping will be available around the main lodge. Modern restrooms and electricity are available.

Near the main lodge there are primitive camping areas available if you prefer to be a bit away from event center. These campsites have access to nearby latrines(outhouses).


Camping around the main lodge is on flat ground with access to modern restrooms.

There will be a shuttle making rounds between areas on site to facilitate easier movement between event areas.

Accessibility parking spaces will be available by the main lodge.


FoTC Schedule

Site opens 4PM Friday

9PM Torchlight Tourney


6-8AM Breakfast in the main hall

9AM A&S classes begin

9AM Combat field opens

9AM Thrown weapons range opens

12PM Lunch in the main hall

1PM A&S classes resume

3PM Gate closes

4PM A&S classes close for the day

4PM Combat Field Closes

4:30 PM Taste of the Chase in the main hall

5:30 PM Court

7PM Feast of the Chase in the main hall

Gaming space available at One Paw Tiger and in the main hall after feast.


12PM Site closes 



Feast of the Chase (Paypal Link)

For questions please email Registration at Registration

If you will be fighting in the tournaments please fill out the form to pre-register.

List Pre-Reg

Site fee

Adult member – $15
Adult Non-member – $20
Minors 0-17 – Free
No camping fee


Feast – $15 pre-reg. —– $20 at gate
Kids Feast – $5 pre-reg. —– $5 at gate

Lunch – $6 pre-reg. —– $7 at gate
Breakfast – $4 pre-reg. —– $5 at gate


Event steward – Cristen Fynlo ([email protected])

Feast Stewards – Beatrix Van Der Bosch, Aldrin inn Gladis, Celestria De Surmulot ([email protected])

Marshal in charge – Brock Nash

Rapier Marshal in charge – Kurasawa Hayao

A&S coordinator -Lady Catalina Mellini called Lina ([email protected])

Gate/Registration – Lady Cellach ni Thighearnaigh, Lady Bethòc MacDonald of Cnoc ([email protected])


2 eggs scrambled, 2 sausage patties, and 3 pancakes.

BBQ pork sandwich with veggies and potato salad.

The Feast of the Chase

Amuse -Bouches – Pumpernickel toast with lox, pickled red onions, and capers. (Vegan carrot-based lox on demand).
Philo dough mini tartlets filled with pear pure, and topped with aged cheddar crumbles.
Crackers with fig spread and Swiss cheese.

Main Courses -Soup- English creamed nut soup, served with toasted bread and various toppings.
Fowl- Whole roasted chicken, stuffed with toasted almond and currant pilaf. Served with rutabaga and beet rosettes, and wilted chard in a mustard vinaigrette.
Vegan- Mushroom pie in puff pastry with “cheese” sauce.
Pork- Ham in plum sauce, with stewed plums. Served with mashed turnips.

Palette Cleanser- Granny smith apples dusted with sea salt.

Coffee, mint tea, and rose flavored cookies to be served while the table is cleared for dessert.
Pears stewed in spiced red wine with honey and Cara Cara oranges, served with vanilla custard sauce on the side, and a shortbread cookie.

For vegetarian options or other questions about Feast please email the Feast Steward at:

[email protected]


A&S Competition – Pantheon in any medium

Village Green by the Main Lodge

Time Class/Activity Title Presenter/Host

9:00 A Brief History of Medieval Astronomy – His Lordship Jon Chesey

10:00 Active Medieval Games (for Adults and Children) – Baroness Caroline de Mercier

11:00 Medieval Stenciling and Stamping (for Adults and Children) – Baroness Caroline de Mercier 12:00 Lunch

1:00 Heraldic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Kyrios Kallinikos Gavras

2:00-3:00 Presentation and Judging of Pantheon Performance Pieces – Lady Catalina Mellini called Lina 4:00 A&S Classes and Salons End

4:30 Brewing Competition Tasting and Judging – Lord Brock Nash

5:00 Set Up for Court

There will also be 2 salons going in the main lodge.

Salon 1 – Pokerwork (Pyrography) Her Ladyship Malina an eich Gil

Salon 2 – DIY Jewelry Lady Catalina Mellini called Lina


We have 4 acres of fighting space and will be holding armored and rapier melees and tournaments.

We have open ranges for Archery and Thrown Weapons.

Armored Combat information


9PM Torchlight Tourney


0900 list open for inspections and authorization.

1000 pole arm tourney speed tourney

1100 – 1200 lunch break /open field

1200 best weapon tourney

1300 hunt tourney (if enough people)

Different weapon styles used to represent different animal types.

1400 open field / melee

1600 field closes

Rapier Combat Information


0900: list opens, inspections authorizations,

1030: spear/pole, 2h Sword tourney C&T

Format: 1 hr long. Gain points by defeating your opponent. Scores tallied at the end of the Hour. Point structure non AoA 1 pt, AoA level fighting award 2 pts, GoA level 3 pts, Peer Level fighting 6 pts.

1130- 1300: open list/ lunch

1300: The blame Kurosawa, he came up with it Rapier tourney.

Format: Similar to “Gun Game” in CoD. Combatants fight through a list of weapons winner is who ever complete the list first. You progress through the list by winning your bout. Loser stays with their current weapon unless they lost to a weapon lower on the list then they go down the list by one. if you don’t have the auth just stay with the one you have for another victory

Order of weapons
1: Dagger
2: Case Daggers
3: Single Rapier
4: Off Hand Rapier
5: Side sword
6: sword and cape
7: Sword and rigid
8: Sword and dagger
9: Case
10: Spear


One Paw Light – The Wild Hunt
The One Paw Tiger Inn will be bringing their bar tent with games, food, and of course drinks to The Feast of the Chase in the Barony of Shattered Crystal!
While we are only bringing the main bar tent we are still bringing all of the fun. Friday night we will have a soft open to make sure you are properly “hydrated” for Saturday’s activities. Saturday night will be the main party with a full bar and Buzz Bomb beer as well as our famous Drunken Jousting and Hammerschlagen games. Stay tuned for a special surprise with the jousting that is definitely not BOAR-ing.

**no legal tender of any kind may be wagered**


Before Court we will be holding the Taste of the Chase brewers competition!

 For this year we will be focused on mead!

The categories are;

conventional judging

most interesting flavors

Their Excellences favorite!


Join us Friday and Saturday night for bardic! We will be running a pick/ pass / play circle. Everyone is welcome, new to bardic? Come check it out and bring what you know!



Astride Hrothgarskona –  linen by the yard, various armor, trim and a variety of other items.

Cara of Caer Rede, and Eirik Thorkelsson. Bast’s Creations

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